Orange County Public Schools ...

207,253 students
14,214 teachers
726 administrators
total of 24,629 employees 
budgets: $2.1 billion operating
$1.7 billion capital
$4.5 billion total


It’s a big job. 

And Linda has proven she does it very well. 

In 2014 you recognized Linda as the candidate BEST qualified to do the job right. Her accomplishments show that you made an excellent choice:

1) Mandatory Recess for our youngest students

2) 5 new K-8 schools completed or under     construction

3) Teacher pay raise every year

4) 93.8% graduation rate

5) Public input at school board meetings

6) Live Streaming of school board meetings

7) OCPS was recognized with the Governor’s Sterling Award for Operational Efficiency and Sustained Excellence Award

8) Increased Career and Technical Ed offerings and Industry Certifications

9) Veteran’s Preference Program

10) Increased School Choice within OCPS

11) One-to-one digital for all HS and MS

In addition, she is recognized by her peers for leadership, integrity and hard work. She serves as chairman of the Central Florida School Boards Association and vice chair of the Orange County School Board. She also sits on the Board of Directors of the state-wide Florida School Board Association.

Linda was elected by District 3 in 2014 because of her success as a recognized advocate for public education. But she wasn’t simply “ready to hit the ground running,” she was already pioneering the challenges of public education and finding community solutions, at local and state levels. As the founder of four non-profits, (Alliance for Public Schools, Fund Education Now, Downtown South and the Blankner School Foundation), she had shown her ability to impact a situation, in ways that were already making a difference.

Today, Linda is a well-respected powerhouse, serving our community with passion and focused vision. In 2014, she was the candidate BEST qualified to do it right. Now, in 2018, she is the only candidate who has PROVEN her value to our school system.


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Linda Kobert, nonpartisan, for Orange County School Board District 3
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