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A new term as your District 3 OCPS representative will find Linda continuing advocacy of the important programs and policy that deliver transparency and innovation.

·     Every student must graduate with a plan, not simply a diploma. They will be prepared to pursue their career, the military, entrepreneurship or college. And they will do it with at least one Industry Certification that has given them valued, recognizable skills, setting them apart in meaningful, positive ways.

·     Linda will continue to be a much-needed bridge builder and consensus maker on the Orange County School Board. From leveraging newly forged productive working relationships with municipalities, Orange County and our state legislators to nurturing the new and welcomed positive and collaborative environment with our Teacher’s Association and the business community, Linda is recognized as a force who can make these relationships benefit our students, our schools and our community.

·     By the year 2030 we will add 6 million more residents to Central Florida.  (Babies born today will just be entering middle school then!) Linda is committed to ensuring we meet the needs of our exponential growth with additional new and renovated schools that are state of the art and technologically advanced. Through a visionary combination of expanded choice schools and beautiful neighborhood schools we will have strong desirable neighborhoods and communities that attract the business and industry we want in Orange County.

·     Linda will continue to use her experience, insight and influence to advance better education policy at both local and state levels. From teacher evaluations, testing, and student well-being to a reliable trustworthy accountability system, there is need for change and room for improvement. 


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