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The following Orange County residents are supporting Linda Kobert's relection to the Orange County School Board, District 3. 

Susan Adams

Elizabeth Ariko

Susan Arkin

Francis Armstrong

Waymon Armstrong

Dean Asher

Wendy Asher

Sara Au

Allston Ball

Brian Ball

Elizabeth Bosserman

Debbie Botwin

Christine Bramuchi: "Linda is a public school champion. She works tirelessly to create public schools that become the heart of their communities and places that support children's academic and personal success."

Joe Bramuchi

Linda Diamond: "I have known Linda for nearly 20 years. Even before becoming a School Board Member, she was always very active in supporting public school education. She is very passionate about providing all students with great educational opportunities."

Phil Diamond

Anne Geilsler

Teresa Gilam

Kathleen Hartig

Patricia Huder

Stephanie Kelly

Tom Kelly

Lydia Kiser

Barbara Knapp

Taylor Korty: "Linda is a true champion for public education, including students, teachers, and families.  She is a strong advocate for public schools' role in shaping positive communities.  As a parent, and an involved PTA volunteer, I have personally experienced how responsive she is to constituents, parents, and schools.  Linda has done great things during her time in office and, given the opportunity, I am confident she will continue to do great things for our schools and communities."

Joe Losch

Tracy Losch

Brock McClane

Sarah McClane

Megan Milligan

Sage Morris-Webster

Kathleen Oropeza: "Linda understands that high quality public schools are the heart of a community. She's a collaborative leader who consistently puts children and their success first."

Dr. Alberto Padron

Gerri Padron

Mark Pafford

Kelly Prather

Carol Quartano

Scott Randolf

Susannah Randolf

Cari Reinhardt

Jim Reinhardt

Eric Rollings

Cynthia Schleir

Angela Sechrest

Susan Spradley: "Linda is a dedicated professional who works hard for our students, teachers, and our community. Linda is a team builder.  I have seen this first hand and I am grateful for Linda's  public service."

Demetrius Stelmashenko

Paula Stelmashenko

Sherry Strickland: "Linda is an asset to our school system.  She fights for teachers and students."

Dr. Travis VanDyke

Stephanie VanDyke

Rebecca Wilson

Angela Wishart

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